Auto Q and As

Questions about your Automobile Insurance

Q: When purchasing automobile insurance what should I consider?
A: There are several things you should consider when purchasing automobile insurance that the Supino Insurance Agency will help you with.
Here are a few:

  • Purchase the amount of liability coverage, which makes sense for you.
  • Select the optional coverage’s you want.
  • Decide which company to purchase insurance from.
  • Don't base your decision solely on price. Other factors like service and claim response are extremely important in selecting the right insurance.


Q: Does my insurance policy cover a friend if I loan him/her my car?
A: When you loan your car to a friend or an associate, he or she will be covered under your Automobile insurance policy. As long as the person either has a policy of their own or they are not a regular user of the car. Otherwise they must be listed on your policy as a driver.

Q: What is collision physical damage coverage?
A: Collision is the losses you incur when your automobile collides with another vehicle or object like a telephone pole.

Q: What is comprehensive physical damage coverage?
A: Comprehensive provides coverage for direct physical damage losses you could incur to your car from something like a hailstorm, vandalism, and collision with a deer.

Q: Do I have glass coverage if I only carry liability insurance?
A: Only those who carry comprehensive coverage, which is part 9 of your policy, have glass coverage. If you are unlucky enough to experience glass breakage please contact Supino Insurance for further instructions.

Q: I recently moved and was wondering do I need to contact my insurance company?
A: Please contact Supino Insurance immediately so we can change your address. Not notifying your agent may affect your insurance should you have accident.

Q: My car was broken into and my belongs were stolen. Will my auto policy reimburse me for my loss?
A: No, the auto policy will not pay, but if you have a Homeowner policy your belongings can be claimed under that policy.

Q: How can I lower my automobile insurance rates?
A: There are several things you can do to lower the cost of your automobile insurance. Please call us for information regarding any and all discounts you are entitled to:

  • Low Mileage
  • Over 65 year old
  • T-Passes
  • Alarm System
  • AAA
  • Multi-Car
  • Passive Restraint
  • Another way to lower the cost is to change your deductible.
    By raising your deductible you may lower the cost of your automobile insurance almost 10%.
    You must be able to pay the deductible amount in case of a claim.